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Alter Ego Films born in 2005 with the intention of joining efforts and contribute to the consolidation of Catalan film industry. With the idea of developing and producing audiovisual projects of interest and attraction for people both home and those outside. We believe that the "localism" is not an obstacle to the "universality".

Our team consists of various professionals united by a common passion: everything that concerns the world of broadcasting. The film and television as a means of artistic expression. Communicate, move, get the viewer is our main motivation.

To do this we have a highly qualified team with extensive experience in the sector. In addition to our productions offer integrated services to aid domestic and foreign production for those who want to develop your project in Catalonia, by providing all the technical and human resources to achieve the best result.

In the different sections of this website can view and see all the information that relates to activities that develop. Productions, projects, production services, audiovisual associated courses, etc ... We especially encourage communication and dialogue with all those interested in the Catalan film industry, so we put at your disposal the "MAILBOX", in order to encourage new lines of joint action giving voice to your suggestions, comments and opinions.

We hope to meet you in this exciting way to work together and share with you what has interested us from the beginning:

The Magic of Cinema.


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